The port city of Takmir was created by the founders of Dorum’Tel in the fourth century (sa). Over the centuries, it has grown to the illustrious city it is today. At its peak, it had a population in excess of 1000 permanent inhabitants and accommodations for hundreds of traveling merchants and travelers.

Primarily a city of commerce, a visitor would be hard pressed to search for something that could not be bought.

Takmir is divided into two major parts: The Harborside, and The Girdleshire.


Harborside is split roughly down the center by its main thoroughfare, The Traders Walk, which stretches from the docks, all the way to the Girdleshire gate.

To the east of the walk is much of Takmirs heavy industry: Shipwright yards, masonry guilds, fishmongers, foundries specialized for the production of specific metals, and smiths of every kind.

The businesses along the Traders Walk cater mostly to travelers. Affordable food, lodging and entertainment are ubiquitous along the walk.

West of the walk is populated mostly with housing for the working class. Intermingled with the housing are the various simple shops dealing in everyday needs.

Although not openly spoken of, Harborside is the base of operations for a thieves guild known only as The Black Cloak Society

Places of Interest

  • The Happy Sailor Bar and Brothel
  • Harborside Playhouse
  • The Diggers Inn
  • Kraken Tavern


The Girdleshire comprises the walled potion of Takmir. The wall of the Girdleshire was built at the beginning of the 5th century (sa) when the town of Takmir decided to extend the walls of the fortalice to surround the quickly growing business district. Within the walls can be found the majority of Takmirs businesses.

The North-Eastern corner of the Girdleshire, known as the Clifftop, is home to much of the upper class of Dorum’Tel. Also within this district is the Naarinth Consilium, the meeting halls of The Council of Naarinth.

Takmir Marketplace is located at the end of The Traders Walk, just inside the North gate.

Places of Interest

  • The Clifftop
  • Takmir Marketplace
  • (Potion shop)
  • (fortune teller)
  • (Armor shop)
  • (Weapons shop)
  • Amphitheatre
  • Fortalice
  • Naarinth Consilium


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