Deep Delves in Dorum'Tel

Deep Delves in Dorum’Tel is an open sandbox RPG adventure. Although this adventure has been created with D&D 5e in mind, many aspects have been left intentionally vague to accommodate multiple systems and party builds.

While plot-hooks are provided, there is no set order by which to “complete” any aspect of the adventure. Instead, this document merely provides a cohesive setting and the NPCs that inhabit it. There is no defined “end game”. Encounters provided are no more than suggestions and should be modified to a challenge rating suitable for your party.

Locations of Dorum’Tel



  • The order of Dumathoin

Relevant Deities

  • Dumathoin
  • Eldath


  • Spectator
  • Eldritch Demon
  • Murska

{Misc. Notes}

Deep Delves in Dorum'Tel

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